Kunaal B
As a graphic designer, I offer highly crafted and premium-style design assets tailored to the needs and demands of your clients, customers and target market. My skillsets are fairly multifaceted within graphic design.

Quality and precision are key within the works I produce and do my best to provide a great experience to brands and individuals I collaborate with.

I would love to connect learn more about your brand and see how could solve your problems. 

Digital & Media Design

An exceptional digital and graphic designer with experience
supporting businesses and non-profits. Specific examples include:

- Logo and branding design for a boutique hotel that speaks to key brand values and target demographics. 

- Led full digital asset development for a financial services firm, including social media, email, website, and apps.

- Developed accessible assets for those with sight and motor skill limitations.

- Extremely successful Logo design for a national cultural event, incorporating feedback from multiple stakeholders.
- Excellent attention to detail and ability to problem solve,
communicate risks, and develop a collaborative plan.
Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premier Pro, Premier Rush, Spark, Dimension, Infographics, Digital Assets, Social Media
Branding & Marketing Strategy

An expert strategist who helps build comprehensive brands and marketing strategy based on needs, target audience, and goals.

Examples include:
- In collaboration with head of growth, developed social media strategy for start-up that doubled follower count within one week.

- Created and implemented Facebook marketing strategy within in the mental health industry.

- Developing a disability-accessible brand identity and strategy for a highly-competitive market.
- Works directly with technical and non-technical leaders, with the ability to easily explain complex technical concepts

Webflow, Wordpress, Adobe Spark, Click Funnels, SEO, Uber Suggest, Semrush, Social Media Strategy, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn
Collaboration & Communications
- A consummate professional who can easily engage with customers, stakeholders, and leaders.

- Collaborates closely with partners, while maintaining a strong self-drive and ability to work independently.

- Equally comfortable producing complex, long-term projects as well as working quickly in scale (once producing over 60 design assets in just two business days).

- Actively explores new technologies and techniques in order to provide cutting edge content with next generation software.
Works directly with technical and non-technical leaders, with the ability to easily explain complex technical concepts.

Qualifications & CV